Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Progress post!

Last weeks starting the 90 to Life challenge has been interesting.

Having a group of people pushing you... well, I'd be lying if I didn't say it helped. They make you not want to fail. It's one thing to be public (As I do here) but it is another thing to have a lot of people actually CARE, and call you to make sure you come in on time, and encourage you, and tell you not to give up.

Last week went really, really well. I dropped 5.3 lbs by following a very strict paleo diet, and returning to Crossfit. I'm sure that initial weight drop isn't going to be the norm, but it was nice to see anyway, and really encouraging.

This weeks goal is simple: The word 'try' is not acceptable. Try gives you an opportunity to quit, to find an excuse. Either do it or don't. Do it and fail, or don't do it at all.

I love those pics, with wrong authors and wrong photos, they crack me up. Obviously, neither Dumbledore nor Gandalf said this - but Yoda.

At any rate, here is the report from the last seven days:

This is the overall report. Breakdowns to follow.

I'm proud of this one. My fat intake is still pretty high, but I bet that has a lot to do with my snacking an almonds all day. My cholesterol is high because I eat about 1.5 dozen eggs a week. I am not concerned with it as all my blood work from my doctor is normal and I do not have high cholesterol despite how many eggs I eat.

This I'm really excited about - my exercise. I did something every single day. Wednesday, Friday, and Monday include Crossfit. Wednesday and Monday also include Agility with my dog. Saturday and Sunday include house cleaning. Tuesday and Thursday were rest days.
This part sucks, and I do not know how to fix it. My sleep habits are awful. The dark grey parts are time actually asleep, the light grey parts are lying down but not asleep. I lie down for plenty of time but I never seem to manage to get to sleep.
My room is a dark color, and cool. I have blackout curtains. I do not eat before bed. It is either I can't fall asleep, or when I do - I can't stay asleep. I wake constantly, and I toss and turn a lot. I often have very vivid dreams that tend to wake me up.
Either way, I'm moving along.
At the end of this week, I'm going to reward myself. With Wonder Woman shoes.

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