Thursday, February 21, 2013

Progress, I has some!

I am almost finished with week two of a solid Paleo-based diet. (I say based, because I did have a cheat meal once a week, and sometimes I made a mistake in determining if something was considered paleo or not)

Here is my progress according to my armband. Can you tell I love this thing? My favorite part is looking at all the charts!

This is my overall performance summary. I am actually still pretty normal in my daily calories consumed vs burned - keeping very, very close to the target deficit of 1000 calories. Physical activity is still a good, above average. I've brought my kettlebell to work now that I have a slightly bigger office, so I can get in a little more strength training even if I haven't been going to Crossfit lately.

Steps are still on the low side, but I do work an 8-5 desk job. Sleep seems to be improving. I think this has to do with my headache medications, as the side effects include "drowsiness". I take them before bed and I have been sleeping rather well.

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