Thursday, February 14, 2013


Weighed in at 211 recently, on the 11th. My all-time-high was 213. This is.. not okay.

I became extremely angry and I wanted to just.. break down and cry about it.

Instead I took it out on the kitchen. I removed ALL JUNK FOOD, and then went to Publix. I am 100% Paleo from here on out. I lost 10 lbs in a month of Paleo before - and while I do not expect the same result, I do expect SOME result (especially in conjunction with properly adjusted thyroid medication).

Paleo gives me a set of rules that are easy to follow, and I have two huge cookbooks available. I picked out 5 things I like, and each week I'll test ONE new recipe to add to my selection. This forces me to remove crap like soda, bread, pasta, candy, baked goods etc from my diet, and encourages me to eat more lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. I already miss cheese...
So far, the Paleo transition is going SUPER WELL.

I've been varying snacks/breakfasts to avoid boredom, and scanning Pinterest. LOTS of options.

I've come down almost 4 lbs in four days. I do not care WHAT caused this shift, but I'll take it!

I'm still logging all my food, but I don't care about the calories. I feel I can only fight one battle at a time - and I choose to work on WHAT I eat, THEN how much.

So far this week I have enjoyed a pecan encrusted chicken, chicken enchilada soup, apple and shallot pork chops, and some steak. I made some delicious nutty cookies from scratch and home made waffles.

The trick will of course be to keep up with PLANNING. If I fail to plan, I will fail at this. So at the end of the week, we'll figure out which recipes we liked best, and select a new one to try. Tuesdays will have to be crock pot meals as I have puppy class and such from 6-8, leaving me almost no time to cook. But that is ok, because crock pot stuff is amazeballs.

Also I made SUPER WATER, which is that water you see all over pinterest that has lemons, cucumbers and mint leaves in it? SUPPOSEDLY it has all this 'good for you stuff' in it, but.. it actually tastes quite GOOD, so it is a nice tasty addition to just plain water.

Also i cut my finger really really bad last night on a mandolin slicer. I might need stitches... going to the doctor this morning for test results from last week's blood test, and to show her this cut :/

Maybe the .9 lb from last night is the blood I lost!!

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