Monday, February 25, 2013

A look back...

These are the results from the past 7 days. It is nice to see an average deficit of 851 calories, and it looks like I get plenty of exercise. But averages don't tell the whole story, and I ended up gaining 1.5 lbs since last week.

This is my caloric consumption report. Despite eating a Paleo diet, I still still to be consuming way too many carbs and fat compared to my protein - I am shooting for a 40% protein diet.

You'll note that Saturday went way above my goal - and that was my "cheat day". I worked an open house all day Saturday, and I meant to have only a cheat meal for dinner.

I started the day off by waking up late, and not eating breakfast. The only things available at open house were cake and a hot dog, so I ate some. Then I got home, and I knew we were going to a friend's house for game night - the originally planned cheat meal.

We ended up eating pizza and washing it down with some red wine. I didn't realize how much I had indulged until I started logging my food.

Sunday seems lower in calories only because for some reason, I just wasn't hungry.

Basically, I learned that when I literally have 20 minutes to eat, I struggle to come up with easy, fast, Paleo-friendly foods. I want to resort to pasta, a sandwich, a hamburger, or even a drive-in when I am rushed.

I get burnt out on constant planning, I like spontaneity in life. However my body doesn't seem to agree with me, so I guess it is back to planning out every last second of my day.

How long can I live like this until I crack from the stress of it all?

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