Monday, January 14, 2013

The Color Run

Sunday was the Color Run in Orlando. The Color Run is 'The Happiest 5K on the Planet' - and they aren't lying!

I've never had so much fun doing an activity I dislike so much! (I hate running, ok?)

The Color Run 5K is an event with about 10,000 people who show up dressed in white. It's not a race, so it's not timed (unless you time yourself) - and they throw colors at you for each kilometer you pass.

Here's me at the start of the race. Dressed in white, sporting my Body Media armband on one side, and my phone on other so I could time myself and listen to music. I ran this along with Courtney, a fellow writer from my craft blog The Divine Domestics, and we made tutus to wear.

Here's a race map, and you can see where the colors were thrown at us. I've been training for the past 8 weeks, getting ready for this 5k. Although it wasn't timed, I knew I'd have to time myself because I need to see the progress.

There were supposedly 10,000 people in this race - and I'm inclined to believe it! I had a hard time darting around people, and although they told us that slower movers should keep to the right - no one seemed to follow it. I was daring in and out of people the whole run - sometimes even being forced to walk due to crowding.

But man was it fun. Each color was like walking into a cloud. People would throw it on you, shovel if on you, and you can run, walk, dance, or cartwheel through it. I met once incredibly sweet gentlemen in a wheelchair who ran it with his wife, and one mother who carried a cardboard cut out of her child dressed in white because the child could not be present.

At the end of the race - I was hot, and tired, and very colorful.

I'm ever so glad for the sunglasses keeping the color out of my eyes, and the bandanna that kept it out of my mouth and nose for the most part.

My Runkeeper stats indicate that I finished this run in 44:36 minutes with an average pace of 14:57 per mile. That's something to be proud of!

May the Runicorn be with you!

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