Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh a Doctor I will see...

Made it back in to see another doctor.

Something isn't right with me.
  1. Exhausted ALL the time.
  2. Headaches. Constantly.
  3. Zero energy for anything.
  4. Can not lose weight. At all. No matter how hard I try.
  5. Majorly depressed and stressed often.
I expressed these five concerns when I visited. A full blood panel was ordered. She suspects my thyroid is the root of all of this, and we may need some medication adjustments to correct this.

She is the first doctor in my life who has ever told me I'm doing things correctly, and it may not be all my fault. I overloaded her with dietary printouts and exercise history courtesy of Body Media, heh.

She was glad to see that I am in fact - TRYING - and not just sitting around crying about it. Which was comforting, the last doctor I went to basically told me I was fat, and I MUST be doing something wrong.

Blood panel is scheduled for next week, then pending results... she'll adjust medication and see if we can squish the exhaustion.

After all, I can't finish Tough Mudder feeling like this!

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