Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5K only 5 days away

The Color Run looms over me, just 5 days away.

I had to re-do two weeks of the C25K program - partly because things went catywompus over Christmas, and it slowed me down a bit.

Yesterday was the last day of week 6, and I ran 25 minutes. There were a few pauses to catch my breath here and there, but for the most part - I made it.

The remaining parts of the program are no longer intervals. This week is all 25 minutes at a time, going up to 28 next week, and 30 after that.

My most recent run was yesterday - I made it 2.10 miles in 25 minutes, with about a 16:53 minute pace.

I've been feeling pretty bad about my pace. I feel like I'm working so hard but I am just so slow. Going to the Color Run on Sunday with a nearly 17 minute mile means taking 54 minutes to complete the full 5k.

I was stressing about this quite a bit, but why? Why am I being so competitive?

The Color Run isn't even timed!
The Color Run is a fun run. I have my white outfit and even a tutu that I made. I'll be tracking myself for the data, but why am I fretting over my speed?
Then I logged onto TheBerry today and I came across this image:
And suddenly I had the motivation I needed. It doesn't matter how fast or how slow I am. I am running because I want to be healthy and strong. I am running because my breathing and cardiovascular health has improved dramatically. I am running because there is something special about 5 AM.

The darkness, the coolness, the music, and the puppy plodding along beside me. Breathe, relax, run.

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