Monday, November 19, 2012


No really, run! There are zombies!
 Ever heard the phrase, some motivation needed? I think I had all the motivation I needed this past weekend at Run For Your Lives in Clermont! Run For Your Lives is a 5K Obstacle Course... involving zombies.
The obstacles it turns out, were a lot more tame than those I've experienced at Savage Race, but it feels like this one was considerably harder. I'm still not quite ready to tackle a 5K with non-stop running, although that is a work in progress, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from having fun.
I decided to go down to Goodwill and get some awesome clothes to wear for this event.

It was almost a pity to find such a cute dress. In my traditional fashion, I ran the race barefoot. I actually tried to wear shoes, but I was getting blisters just walking from my car to the start line - so I opted to go with out. It was a much more pleasant terrain than the last Savage Race, anyway. I also opted to wear all white to display the most about of mud!
This race also had a bonus - my husband! He elected to run this with me, and he also picked out a wonderful outfit from Goodwill.

Yeah, it takes some serious balls to run the course dressed like this - but he did, and we had a blast.

The most difficult aspect of this race is that it isn't like a regular 5K where you set a pace and stick to it. This was race was littered with sprints of various distances, with very little time between them. One moment you could be walking, trying to catch your breath - and then ZOMBIES RUN! There was a lot of darting side to side, ducking, jumping - ANYTHING to avoid them.

You ran the race with a belt, featuring three flags. If you lose all three flags in the run you are dead. Both my husband and I survived the race with one flag each, and it was NOT easy! Those zombies weren't playing! They came in various speeds - from your barely moving hobbling zombies to your sprinters.

The weather was wonderful, we had a blast, and we survived to talk about it!

We just didn't look that fabulous afterwards. The race was also kind enough to let us have Gatorade for our free beverage, rather than beer. I don't like beer in the first place, and I'm always disappointed when I get to the end of a race to be given something so repulsive as a reward.
So this was really a blast, and definitely a race I want to run again someday. Our times weren't the best in the world, but they weren't the worst either. And besides that, who cares? We had fun, we got dirty, and we lived to tell about it! Turning everything in life into a competition is too stressful.
Overall, we finished 5212 and 5213 out of 5304. We had a time of 1:31:21, giving us a 29 minute mile. Of those who finished alive, we're 2808 and 2809 out of 2853. In our wave, we are 380 and 381 out of 386.
My ankle is still causing me a lot of trouble. It still hurts to walk for long periods of time, and it's still fairly swollen. While I know for certain it isn't broken, it seems like a nasty sprain that does not want to heal - and I can't seem to be still long enough for it to heal all the way.
I did give myself an extra day off, but it throws off my C25K training. I'll have to use Tues-Thurs-Sat interval this week, instead of the Mon-Wed-Fri but I can't let myself give up. It's important to me to run that 5K in January, and make it the whole way through. 

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