Friday, November 2, 2012

Amusement parks are good for you!

Wednesday was a bad day for me with food. There was a potluck at work - and I like try to try a little of everything. I did however, get small portions of everything.. but I'm pretty sure my calories were pretty high. Even then, I didn't keep the best track of everything - so I guessed, and entered '1000' calories for the meal. Maybe it was high, maybe it was low... but... I don't care. I enjoyed the potluck!

I also went to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights that evening... and ate Arby's along the way. Not the best choices, I know.

But at the end of the week? I'm still down 1.3 lbs. That would be, 2.6 lbs total since I started using the armband.

I actually find that I like eating more. (Who doesn't?!) It's much, much less stressful. As long as I maintain the correct deficit between calories consumed and calories burned... the weight still comes off.

Which is why... I'm STILL loving this armband. Before, I would guess. I guessed that 1500 calories a day was right for me. It seemed right. And maybe it is right... on some days. But on days when I'm incredibly active, it's not. On days when I'm incredibly sedentary, it's not. This led me to often eating too much or too little.

The armband calculates, quite accurately, my real calorie burn. Even though Wednesday I went a little above normal in food - I came in WAY over in calories burned because amusement parks are good for you. You know, as long as you avoid the food.

I'm averaging a deficit of 875 calories a day - I've always been told that you need a deficit of 500 to lose weight. My armband wants me to shoot for 1000 a week, and I'm working on perfecting it still. Slowly but surely, I'm seeing progress.

Not just the scale, but in all the data collected. I can see myself being more active each day as I try to reach the suggested calorie burn. I'm more conscious of not just calories, but what makes up my calories as I strive for the ideal distribution of my macro nutrients. And somehow, it's easier.

The report from October 31.

You know what else I've learned with my armband? That I sleepwalk. Apparently, it's a thing where I get up somewhere between 2 and 3 AM, and take between 100-300 steps. I always wake up in bed, so I was never aware of this before. I should set up a camera to see what I do!

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