Monday, October 15, 2012

Womanhood... is not really my friend.

Being a woman, in the prime reproductive age, is just bad for weight loss.

Not only am I an emotional wreck, but my body aches. Aches so bad that yesterday I never made it off the couch - not even to eat. I sat in a ball and had fits of crying and fits of being angry.

I had an awful headache all day, and whole body hurt. As I kept saying, yesterday, I was not a person.

I sat on the couch and played Skyrim for hours while cuddling my dogs and  popping Midol and trying to forget it.

I managed however, to not eat all day long. I still blimped up a bit - I gained .7 lbs overall it looks like. Considering I've once gained as much as 9 in a weekend, I'll say I'm on top of it.

My husband was kind enough to bring me dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and a bag of Kit-Kats when he got home from work, which at the very least, cheered me up. There's nothing like a little chocolate when you're feeling so miserable.

This morning I'm still fairly uncomfortable, but I have to become a person in order to get through work. I had to get a second box of Midol and I hope I can make it through the day without hurting someone.

And I'm thankful that this happened this weekend, and not next - because I have the Savage Race and a dog show coming up - and I have to be a person for both of those.


  1. A bag of kit-kats? Tell him next time you want just one kit-kat funsize and that he can hide the rest from you somewhere because a bag of kit-kats is just stupid. He's sabotaging you and you need to tell him that he is, despite his best efforts.

    Sorry I keep going through your posts and picking out things. You're frustrated that you haven't lost weight despite telling everyone that you're trying to make good choices and I'm trying to get to the bottom of why.

  2. He meant well.

    I'm not mad that you're commenting because it shows that you care.