Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stay Positive

The past two days I had nearly lost a whole pound. .9 lbs came off, and I was feeling pretty good! My efforts were working!

Then today, I gained .9 lbs back. Okay. Deep breath. Don't panic. Let's think about this.

Yesterday, I ate a burrito from Taco Bell for lunch, and then for dinner, my husband and I went to Burger 21. They don't have nutritional information anywhere, so I guessed - and I may have guessed wrong. I did order the smaller burger 4.5 oz, and I shared a small order of fries with my husband, and I had a root beer for the drink.

However, I'm sure it still fairly unhealthy. Bacon, blue cheese, a hunk of meat and the best roll for a bun ever. It was kind of amazing, and I don't regret it! Best of all, since I ordered smaller portions, I didn't feel incredibly full afterwards - in fact I really wanted more food, but I just went home instead.

Again, though, deep breath. Don't panic. It just means be sure to watch what I eat a little more carefully. A cheat meal is ok, a cheat week is not!

And to round out the post, let me just say something positive about myself because I feel pretty good today:

I love my hair! It's long, and a lovely shade of dark brown, and soft. Sometimes it frustrates me because it doesn't style easy, but I love it all the same.


  1. High sodium foods (burger/fries/tbell) will make you retain water and then the scale will go up the next day, but that isn't .9 lb fat you've gained back, that's just a scale fluctuation. Just cut back on sodium for the next few days. I went to NY for a week and when I got back I had gained 5 pounds! imagine my surprise! but it was because I'd been filling my body with sodium at every turn. A week later and that 5 is all gone.

    KEEP COUNTING. Some places don't have nutritional information, but you can eyeball that burger and count it piece by piece. 4.5 lb hamburger - it's in the app. A (probably buttered) bun - count it. 1 oz cheese - count it. Bacon - count it. For realsies. Count things even when you're just guessing. It will make you better at calorie counting in the long run when you hit goal.

    235 patty + 84 2 slices bacon + (assuming it's like 5guys) 260 bun + 100 cal blue cheese + 250-ish calories for fries depending on the portion + 160 for 12 oz root beer = 1089 calories for your meal.

    You gotta count that shit! If you're going to eat a meal like this, which is fine sometimes, don't eat a burrito for lunch!

    Or do it the paleo way and cut out those 260 calories by eschewing le bun.

  2. I am trying to count. I'm bad about not doing it on the weekends. I actually just bought a new Body Media Fit Link Armband thingy to help me better track expenditure, and it's still pretty reliant on me regularly logging my foods so I'm going to make doubly sure I put everything in there that goes in my mouth.