Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day one with my Bodia Media Fit Link Armband

I have now worn my Body Media Fit Link armband for a full day. I'm very interested in my results!

This is an actual screenshot of the information my armband collected from yesterday.

The first column is my target calories burned. The armband keeps track of how much I move around, and things like body temperature and ton of other things. It figured out a target of how many I should burn a day, with my fairly sedentary lifestyle. The Actual column is how many calories I actually burned. Quite a difference!

By knowing EXACTLY how many calories I burned, it gives me a better idea of where I might be failing.

Under that, you see how many calories I should be consuming.. if I were burning the target calories. You'll see that I came in plenty under - at 1370.

The program is set up to give me a deficit of 1000 calories a day. Due to my moving around less (my ankle is still hurting and I'm not going to push it), even though I ate less, my deficit was still only 775 calories for the day.

Physical activity is apparently, how much I move around in a day. Since I work in a desk job, and I'm still hobbling around, the most exercise I got was just walking around - like to the bathroom or the kitchen. I only took 2775 steps in the day, vs my target of 5000.

Because I can see this data, rather than guess at it, I think it is showing me that I definitely need to be eating more than I have been... in conjunction with moving around.

I've been struggling to keep my calories between 1200-1500 for so long, and I think I've been eating too little for my body type and activity level that I've been storing. This may be why I've been gaining so much weight lately.

Because I can sync my armband to my phone, I can get a to the minute update on my stats when I want so I can see my progress.

I know that for the next couple of days my activity level is going to be down while my ankle finishes healing, but I think I am seeing clearly how this data can really help me moving forward. I need to make a plan to get more exercise, and allow myself to eat what my body needs vs what I think it needs.

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