Monday, October 29, 2012

A week with my armband

Can I just say that I love my new armband?

Okay, I admit that at times, it bothers my skin a little because it always sits in the same place, and if I wear long sleeves that are form-fitting it kind of makes a wierd bulge under my sleeve.

Other than that, I love it.

I'm really just... learning a lot about myself. I have been logging my food for sometime, but I never realized just how sedentary my lifestyle really is!

I kept telling myself I was doing great - but now I can see where I'm not doing great. Learning about my habits is the only way to change myself, I think. My armband is really helping me learn, and see, where I'm doing well and where I could improve.

This is a screenshot from my weekly report. What I can tell right away is that I'm not nearly active enough. I'm falling short an average of 809 calories a day in what I should aim to burn. While i am eating less than they predict, it's still not the suggest calorie deficit. In fact, I'm almost 400 calories too high for what I burned.

Then if we jump down to my activity levels - you can see that I'm 'active' for less than a half hour a day, and I walk almost 1200 steps less than I should. I also don't sleep enough, but I honestly don't know how I can fix that. I go to bed early enough to get about 9 hours of sleep, but it looks like I just don't sleep very well.

I've also learned not just how much I eat, but what my food is made up of.

The armband software pulls my information from MyFitnessPal, which is great, as it means I don't have to change my logging habits. Here I can see that I'm eating way way too many carbs and way way too little protein. I would like to see my protein bump up to 30%, drop my fat to 30%, and have my carbs come down to just about 40%.

I can get this information at a glance by checking my phone's display, and in the mornings when I sync my armband with my computer I get the full read-out.

Just in the past week, I have learned that I typically eat less than I should, and I am very heavy on the carbs. I've learned that I don't sleep as much as I thought I did, and I'm a lot less sedentary than I expected.

I still question why I never lost weight with Crossfit when I worked out so much - but I don't have those answers. I speculate that I did not eat enough - if I'm not eating enough now, with how sedentary I am, I know I wasn't eating enough when I was super active, either.

For now, I will continue to aim for 1900 calories a day, vs the 1500 I was striving for, and I will force myself to be more active. I'll take the stairs at work, park a little farther away, and start walking more. The weather here is cooling off, so it seems like a good idea.

I won't begin a running program until my ankle has healed completely, but I do have a bike. I should pick up a springer so my puppy can run along side me while I work on some cardio, in the mean time... if I want to survive Run For Your Lives or the Color Run.

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