Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A sprained ankle, getting sick, and more help.

Wow, I did... a lot this weekend.

First off - The Savage Race. As I do not yet have my official time or any photos, I will hold off on a full post. I'll say only that it was much harder this time around (and quite a bit longer...), and I walked out of it with a badly sprained ankle. I was glad my husband went with me to push me through to the end, as I don't think I would have made it on my own this time. Several of the obstacles were very high off the ground, and I have a terrible fear of heights - so I actually skipped a few.

Due to the sprained ankle, I almost backed out of showing my dog on Sunday. However, I wrapped it up tightly and went anyway. We pushed through a score of 78 (out of 100, you need a 70 to qualify), and we snagged a green ribbon, completing his RN (Rally Novice) title. After helping the club with some other duties, I made it home three hours later and my ankle had swelled quite badly again.

I propped it up and iced it.. and a few hours later, I had the worst night of my life.

I am not sure if it was a stomach bug or if it was food poisoning, but both my husband and I became incredibly ill. I think I started actually vomiting around 10 PM, and could not stop until 9 or 10 yesterday morning. I was not able to get any sleep, and my whole body was in agony. I was burning up and freezing, sore, and I couldn't keep anything - not even water - down. We suffered through it all of Sunday night and both of us had to stay home from work yesterday to recover. We seem okay today, although both of us are really, really sore and tired.

I lost 1.3 lbs in the ordeal, ha. Not the way I would suggest it, either. That was just ... awful.

Also, in some frustration, I picked up a Body Media arm band. Apparently, you just wear this little guy on your arm, and it takes a lot of measurements about what is going on with you. It keeps track of body heat, how much I sweat, steps, calories burned - even how much sleep I get. It also syncs up with My Fitness Pal, allowing me to use my current food-tracking app alongside it. 

Of the things I have learned so far - it is telling me that I eat WAY too little food. I have MFP set to 1500 calories a day, and the Body Media charts are telling me to up it to 1900 based on activity level, and in fact, it makes that adjustment for me in my MFP chart. It gives me SO much information - I really am getting a different feel about how much I need to eat and move around.

I hope this helps, at any rate.

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