Friday, August 24, 2012

Need a boost? Look at what you've done.

I have had a bad few weeks. My eating hasn't been the greatest, and I've been gaining weight.

Due to scheduling conflicts, and a little bit of being lazy - I also haven't made it to Crossfit nearly as often. I've dropped down to maybe 3 times a week max, and sometimes only two.

As a result, my mood has been swinging badly and I've been overly hard on myself again.

Yesterday, for some reason, I was digging through my Fitocracy stats .. and I received a major boost to my self-esteem.

Because I need to stop looking at how far I have to go - and look at how far I've come. This is a never-ending journey. Fitness won't stop just because I lose weight. I won't get that body I want, and then stop working out... because then I'll be in this same boat again.

So instead of worrying about how I'm still more than 75 lbs overweight, why not look at what I've done this year and celebrate that?

According to my stats on Fitocracy, I'm now level 21. I started playing on January 2, 2012 - so when I ran my stats yesterday, we were looking at 234 days of workouts. In those 234 days, I worked out 113 times - meaning I averaged about every two days regularly.

Every two days is pretty good! And it gets better.

I have run 118003 Meters, or about 73.75 miles. I have rowed 16,800 meters, or about 10.5 miles

I have performed 4,436 Body Weight Squats. 2803 Kneeling Push Ups. 2737 Sit Ups.

893 Burpees.

I have completed 654 Deadlifts moving 10,660 lbs. 459 Push Presses moving 4,320 lbs.  278 Power Cleans moving 4,504 Lbs. 868 Kettlebell Swings swinging 1,486 lbs. 318 Thrusters moving 3,009 lbs. 265 Front Squats moving 2,840 lbs 109 Snatches moving 1,210 lbs.

 I have lifted 28,029 lbs. Do you know how much weight that is?

A male orca can weigh up to 8,000 lbs. I lifted 3.5 orcas.
The largest African Elephant weighed 27,000 lbs. I lifted him.
A T-Rex weighs about 4.5 tons  - or about 9,000 lbs. I lifted three of them.

Okay, I didn't lift any of those things all at once. But I moved the equivalent of them... in pieces.

When I think about those things, it made me smile. So I'm a little chubby - I'm still pretty awesome.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More failings.

Here I am, a few day shy of my yearlong anniversary of hard exercise.

What do I have to show for it?

Nothing. No, really - nothing.

My weight has turned again for the worse, I am consistently gaining again. I can't stay motivated or focused for more than a day at a time, and I'm so exhausted from trying.

I don't think I can do this, and I really need to learn to just give into my fate, and accept the fact that I will never be beautiful.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's your greatest fear in a gym?

As a girl, one of my biggest fears has always been ... letting out a little bit of gas in a group of people.

I'm not going to lie, it's a bit mortifying to think of. It's also hilarious for everyone else. Observe:

But embarrassing things happen all the time. So dear readers - let me tell you that it happened to me too. Anyone reading this blog, I hope you're reading it because you're new to your journey and you're trying to find your own way. You don't know what to expect.

I just want to say that things happen that you can't control, and it's completely okay that it does.

Last night was our Olympic Weight Lifting class down at Crossfit. Because girls who lift heavy are hot, and I AM WONDER WOMAN; HEAR ME ROAR.

We were working on Deadlifts. I am already a beast at how much I can pick up, but we were really focusing on form. Proper form is extremely important when you are lifting heavy because if you don't do it right - you can shred your muscles or severely injure your back. So we are being taught when and how to bail if something goes wrong, proper grip, proper stance - everything.

We were working at 75% of our max - so with mine being 230 lbs, my coach had me start at 165 lbs for practice. We were a class of three - me, my husband, and one other athlete. We were lifting one at a time, three reps at a time so the other two could watch. We had to learn what to look for so we could understand how to fix it. After each rep, we would critique each other and try to fix it.

So, after Tyler goes, one of the coaches explains about overextending your back at the top of the lift - a lot of us do it accidentally. He said one way to avoid it, is to pinch your butt cheeks together when you stand. This ensures your hips are fully open and you don't lean to far back.

So when it was my turn, I get all squared up and I keep going over in my head about pinching my butt cheeks. So when I started lifting?


Tyler goes, 'nice', and I heard the other two guys kind of giggle. It was a little embarrassing, but toots are funny and if it had been anyone else I'd have laughed too. I continued with my lift though, and as I was putting it down... the coach said, 'It's all [other coach's] fault. He told you to pinch your butt'

And then of course, I lost composure, dropped my weight, and we all had a jolly good laugh.

Farting while working out has always been a long time fear of mine - it's always funny but you know it's kind of mortifying for the person who did it. It kind of is... but.. you gotta get over it.

So, enjoy your laugh and don't feel bad if it happens. There are worse things in life that can happen to you.