Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Apparently, I took a break from posting!

Sorry about that, I was legitimately busy - I slacked off on the blog, but not on working out or eating right.

Good news too, my husband is back! Finally! 10 long months later, and he's finally home. While I'm in no way complaining, and I'm ever so grateful to have him home, it does mean some significant changes in my life.

  • Eating. I am 100% committed to eating right and staying Paleo. Why? It works. I've been strict for the past week and I already am sleeping better, more um... regular, and I just feel great. I've been talking about it with my husband too, and he is also committed to it. This makes it easier as we won't have 'cheat' foods in the house. I did however, have to give a little bit and allow cheese into the diet. Still, cheese has protein, and I need a lot!
  • Working out. Still Crossfitting like a mad woman! Only, a little less often. Because my husband now has quite a commute for the next 2 months, he has commandeered my car. I am able to get to work by carpooling with a coworker, but I can't get to my box as easy. I can now only go in the afternoons, which means working around my dog training schedule. So far so good, and I may still manage 2-3 times a week (four if I can make it on Saturdays). I'm also trying to do more running on the days I can't go, and working on leveling up my ability to bike so I can ride my bike to the box if I don't have the car. The way I see it, if you want it - you will find a way. If you don't, you will find an excuse.
Lately, I've done REALLY well on food. I mean, really, really well. Pinterest has been especially helpful with uncovering more and more Paleo recipes, as has the cookbook I purchased from Paleo Diet Lifestyle and Sarah Fragoso from Everyday Paleo. I've tried some new recipes - like devilled eggs made with avocado, a super easy pulled pork, or this really amazing chicken I made in a crock pot!

My husband has pretty much agreed to TRY everything, and to try his best to stick to it. He has even made dinner a few times - chicken with veggies, and amazing burgers (no buns!) with avocado on top.  I've made it my goal to eat 1g of protein for every 1 lb of lean body weight (126 lbs) of my body.. so I'm going all out for 126 g of protein daily - which jives VERY well with our Paleo diet and lifestyle. I'm no longer counting calories (how many times can I flip this over lol?) but I am still logging food to ensure I'm eating plenty of protein, but keeping my carbs at a reasonable level as well.

I'm dedicated to working out no matter what, too. If I can't get to my box, I'll find a way - whether it is a home work out (giggity!), trying to get my pull ups, running, biking, playing a sport - ANYTHING that gets me moving.

Because you know me, I'm Wonder Woman.

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