Monday, April 9, 2012

This one's for the girls...

Starting on Friday night, I'm no longer Wonder Woman. Due to entirely natural events that tend to happen once every 28-30 days, I'm now an emotionally charged over eating bloated mess.

This event, like it has every month before it, has a severely damaging effect to my efforts on my journey into fitness.
  1. I have an IUD (Paragard)- and because of that, I experience very severe cramping and.... well, to put it lightly, the flood gates are open. Neither of those things put me in the mood to get off the couch - let alone exercise.  
  2. I bloat like mad. I have watched myself gain as much as 10 pounds during this time. (Although, since I am staying off the scale lately, I don't know how much I have gained this go round) It generally sheds back off the next week, I can only assume it's water weight. I do not exaggerate this aspect in the slightest - suddenly my wedding ring is so tight I can't take it off, my clothes are tight and I just feel... sluggish and awful.  
  3. Breast swelling and tenderness. I am already rocking a D cup and I am usually very happy with them - however for the week leading up to and during, I have to wear triple sports bras to keep them from aching. Running becomes unbearable, and every little bounce makes me wince. 
  4. Crying. I'm sure every woman has gone through this at some point - I'm no exception. I become suddenly extremely emotional, and even something as silly as dropping my keys on the floor is enough to send me into tears. 
  5. Eating. I dub this Shark Week for more than one reason - there's the obvious, and then there is the fact that I become absolutely obsessed with eating - especially if it's chocolate. No one should stand between me and my chocolate this week, especially if you like your limbs attached to your person.
These five effects do not mix well with my fitness goals, and I have yet, in the years of dealing with it, found a way around it. My cramping is severe enough that I end up on the sofa in the fetal position surrounded by tissues, chocolate, and remote in hand for 2 days, or trying to survive work without biting anyone's head off.

Although I've been told exercise can relive some of the pain, I've found it so painful I can barely walk, and I can't bring myself to suffer a workout just for post-workout bliss. Midol doesn't even come close to relieving the symptoms.

My current plan is to just try to ride it out, but I lose about a week a month to this - and I'm sure that it majorly halts my progress.

Some questions for my female readers:

What do you do during this time?
Do you still work out? Do you experience leaks?
What do you do for the breast tenderness? Do you have any suggestions on bras?
Do you have any suggestions on ways to combat the side effects?

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