Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stretched too thin...

This week, I have officially stretched myself entirely too thin.

I have so far, had only one workout this week - and even that workout didn't go as well as usual due to my unusual level of distractions.

So what's going on?

My husband was here this past weekend. I fell behind on my obligations - and felt guilty about spending time with him. Feeling guilty about spending time with him after he's been gone all this time should have been sign number one that I had bit off entirely more than I could chew.

I spent Sunday trying to catch up on my obligations, and of course - my weekly night of Dungeons and Dragons with my friends that I refuse to call off because I need SOME socializiation in my life.

I stayed up too late Sunday, and overslept my workout on Monday.

Monday evening I had to go to my obedience club to prep materials for an event this Saturday.
Tuesday night I have my Kinderpuppy class that I teach, and I had to work on entries for the upcoming trial, as I am the trial secretary.
Last night, I had an agility class with my puppy - followed by more entries for the upcoming trial.
Tonight, I will be finishing up with trial paperwork.
Tomorrow will be Flyball practice, and loading up my car for Saturday.
Saturday is the SPCA Pet's on Parade event.
Sunday is the Mud Crusade.

All on top of my 40 hour work week.

I'm exhausted - physically and mentally. My sleep has dropped from a solid 8 hours to 4-6 hours becuase of late nights working on trial paperwork. I was supposed to make invitations for my mother's wedding too - but I had to hand those to another person due to my overly strapped schedule.

In my overbooking, my eating habits are falling apart all over again. I'm trying to stick to a fitness plan provided to me by my trainer - but I can't find the time to cook or pack lunches.

I'm staying up late trying to finish things, and it means I'm exhausted in the morning and I have an even harder time trying to wake up to go work out.

Skipping my workouts is making me feel lazy and unproductive - and today, I am in the 'I don't care' camp and 'What difference does it make' pity parties - so I'm eating Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

I read on Facebook about a good friend of mine who has happily lost 28 lbs and reached a BMI that is no longer considered obese. While I'm happy for her, tremendously so - I'm incredibly depressed about my own progress.

She managed this since January. I've been struggling for over a year, and I've barely peeled off 20 pounds.

I don't know what to say or where I am going right now, but I can feel my motivation slipping away from me. Not only does this bring in old, bad habits (overeating, eating junk, not sleeping enough, too much stress) but it's causing me to abandon my good ones.

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