Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes.... bailing is best.

This morning, I went to my CrossFit class.

I was tired. I wasn't really in the best mindset, and I was very distracted by a plethora of things I have to accomplish between this week and next.

When I went to lift my 85 lbs into a push press, I should have been paying better attention. As I pushed up to lift the bar over my head, I also pushed out. Pushing out made the bar lean way out in front of me instead of directly above, and I nearly fell forward.

If I were smart, I would have dropped the bar.

However, since we're talking about me here, and know that at times I have very little brains - I tried to correct it. I swung it backwards - with a little too much force, causing the bar to then go behind my head.

Again, if I were smart, I would have dropped the bar.

I stupidly held onto the bar, as I promptly lost my balance and fell backwards. Fortunately, the bar was over my head - so it did not hit me. However since I was still gripping the bar, I did not have hands to put out to break my fall. I landed flat on back, and my head hit the ground - hard.

I was pretty dazed after. I sat up and closed my eyes for a moment while a slight wave of nausea washed over me. A few deep breaths and it passed. My trainer rushed over to make sure I was okay - I'm sure concerned about how hard I hit my head.

A few more deep breaths later, I managed to stand up, pick up the bar, and carry on.

What did I learn from this?
  • Get your head in the game. I was extremely distracted, and as a result, not able to focus completely on what I was doing. I could have been seriously injured - possibly dropping the bar back down to my chest, or it could have hit me on the way down. If I was more focused, I would have lifted straight up, or known when to bail. I should not have attempted to pick up the bar when I was that distracted.
  • Don't be afraid to bail. I had two opportunities to drop the bar before I fell - one when I felt it being pushed too far forward, and again when I started to lose my balance and fall backwards. While it's true that dropping the bar is not always advisable, if it becomes a safety issue to yourself go ahead and bail out of the movement. I could have really hurt myself if I had landed any differently, or had the bar come straight down on top of me. I don't think I need to elaborate on how dangerous it can be to drop a weighted bar onto yourself.
  • Don't quit. The old me would have taken this as an opportunity to quit. I fell, and it hurt. It was embarrassing. If I had been more injured and actually needed to stop, I would have - but I am fine. I needed to just stand up, laugh off the embarrassment of falling, realize what I did wrong, get my head in the game and pick up that bar.

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