Saturday, April 21, 2012

In which I return to calorie counting

A while ago I wrote about why I was giving up on calorie counting.

I also wrote about recent failures, in which my weight is steadily climbing back up - and I don't know why.

I feel like I'm eating right all the time - but that might be the problem. I think I'm cheating myself.

Yesterday and today I returned to MyFitnessPal and I logged my food. What did I learn? I was eating closer to 2100 calories a day, over the last two days. My trainer suggested about 1800, based on my activity level - but remember I also wrote about how I hadn't been able to make it to the gym all week because I had stretched myself too thin.

It's also been over a month since I stopped tracking my food - so I can't even tell you for certain that I really did stay within a 'healthy' amount of food.

I can tell you that I keep a bag of Reese's miniatures in my desk at work to snack on when I need chocolate - and that I seem to need it several times a day. Yesterday I admit to eating five of them without thinking.

This tells me that I not only am not a good judge at what I should eat - but I am especially bad at determining how much I should eat.

I'm going to go back to trying to keep track of how much I eat. I have no idea if I am going about this the right way - I'm constantly reading things that contradict each other.

All I can do - is tell you what I'm trying, and then tell you if I am successful.

We'll see...

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