Friday, April 20, 2012

Afternoon Inspiration

Today's inspiration is a little different than previous weeks.

Yesterday, I had what can only be called a 'Pity Party', (and I have to admit that I unfortunately have them often). I whined on Facebook about how I felt - my incredibly slow progress with my weight loss making me feel like a complete failure, especially when I compare myself to other people who are doing so much better than me in less than half the time.

I didn't expect more than a few 'Cheer ups', and I also confess to needing SOMEONE to tell me everything was ok. Everyone needs to hear it once in a while.

So instead of the usual scouring the net for posts about fitness that inspire me - I'm going to share that post and call of the comments from Facebook. Because today, my friends inspire me.

My friends remind me that I am loved.
My friends remind me that I am beautiful the way I am.
My friends remind me that I am working hard.
My friends remind me that I have improved.
My friends remind me that I have to keep going.
My friends remind me to not quit.
My friends inspire me to be better.

Please note that all names and images (except myself) have been blacked out for privacy, but otherwise - this is a screenshot of the comments.

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