Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Shoe Saga Contines and a Race is Looming

A few days ago, I posted about the ongoing issue I have finding comfortable shoes. I had thought I had found the answer in a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence, but the more I wore them the more I didn't like them.

I am insanely pick about things at times, and I will always choose comfort before anything else. No matter the price tag on a shoe, if it doesn't work - it doesn't work. I was still taking them off as soon as I could - I tried running Lake Hollingsworth in them (3 miles) but I was still unable to finish. I would take my shoes off in less than a quarter of the way, and finish it barefoot.

There HAD to be a better answer out there. I did some research, learning about the different tyes of barefoot shoes out there. I am unable to wear Vibrams, the New Balance Minimus, or even the Skeletoes due to my feet being very wide and my toes being very short.

I finally came across a company who makes barefoot shoes - getting the idea from playing volleyball on the beach in South Florida. They kept developing shoes with people like me in mind - we just... love being barefoot! Once I found the company, I thought the design of the shoe might work so I read more reviews, and finally purchased a pair of them.

I have 15 days to return the Brooks, so I thought I should try these at the same time to see which ones I liked, and then return the others. I ended up purchasing a pair of Zem 360 running shoes, and bonus points in that they come in pink!

They look very flimsy - like little more than water socks with a rubber bottom. I put them on, and they have a very snug fit - you can feel the shoe pulling itself into you and molding to your foot. They felt a little odd but not uncomfortable. I wore them to my obedience class for about 2 hours, then decided to go for a run around Lake Hollingsworth.

I managed to make it the entire run without taking them off. My feet were a little sore, but the kind of sore one gets after pounding 3 miles of pavement with basically your bare feet. What's important though - is that I liked them. I'm very pleased with them so far, and I will be returning the pair of Brooks this week. My Zem shoes are far more comfortable, and only 1/3 of the cost. I don't know how long they will last as the bottoms are very thin, but I can replace them 3 times for what I paid for the Brooks, and I'd rather do that then be unhappy on my feet!

Speaking of feet, my race is on Saturday - the Savage Race. I've never done any type of competitive athletic event. I am sure I will be one of the last to finish, but my goal is simply to cross that finish line with my head held high.

I'm very tempted to wear my Zem shoes, too.

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