Friday, March 2, 2012

Rest Days

Proper diet and exercise are essential to a healthy lifestyle.

As is rest. Rest is something I often over look - many times pushing myself well beyond my limits. I can hear my body screaming for extra sleep (I regularly hit somewhere between 5-7 hours) and I ignore it, thinking I have just too much to do.

As a result, I sometimes catch bugs. I rarely become completely ill - I suffer mostly just the common cold, which is what is currently pulling me down.

I started the week strong - my medications were giving me energy I haven't felt in ages, and I began adding 3 mile runs in the evenings to my regular workouts of Crossfit. I'm not going to say the extra work caused me to fall ill, but the extra strain and exhaustion on my body probably taxed my immune system enough to let some germs creep in.

The result? I've got a terrible cold - I can barely speak (which directly impacts my job, unfortunately), I'm exhausted, and I ache all over. So I'm resting. I'm not going to feel guilty about missing a workout for a few days, becuase I know if I let myself rest and recover for a few days - next week, I should be right as rain.

I would much rather give up the workouts and recover completely than stretch the sickness out by stressing my body.

I'm losing out on points in Fitocracy, and I'm sure my main competitor is going to pass me again shortly (he does currently have the lead by one point!); but I can't let my ego and competitive nature override what my body needs.

Oh, and there's the Savage Race next weekend. So I absolutely need to be well in time for that.

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