Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's Get Physical

Tomorrow morning, I will be partaking in my first atheltic competition since probably middle school.

I hated P.E. classes in school, and thanks to a constantly changing schedule - it wasn't even a requirement in high school to graduate - so I opted out of all of them and took Art classes instead. Then when I went to college, I was so busy trying to maintain grades while working full time, that I let my health fall by the wayside. I kept steadily gaining weight, but I was enjoying the company of my friends and all the delicious food Houston had to offer.

I moved to Florida and the trend continued. Once I hit 180 lbs, however, I started to think I wasn't going down the right path. The constant eating out, the all nights with video games, and working at a video store at the time meant a LOT of my free time was spent plopped down in front of the TV.

I did try - I would go for a walk maybe once a month. Then I tried to join the YMCA, actually managing to go for a few weeks at a time before quitting in frustration. Nothing seemed to work for me, and I kept ballooning.

Then in September 2011, I found Crossfit, and I have made significant changes in my life. I lift weights, I do cardio, I jump, I run, I play. I found a group of people who are not just enthusastic about their own fitness - but who care about mine too. I'm no longer walking into a gym that reeks of sweat feeling self concious and trying to ignore the dirty stares of the cardio bunnies. I just show up, I do my best, and I go home satisfied.

Crossfit has pushed me more than I have ever been pushed in my life, and 6 months later - I'm running in the Savage Race tomorrow. I used to think people who signed up for these events had to be insane. Why would you do that to yourself? What is the point of running up a sand dune, climbing an 8 foot wall, or jumping into an ice bath? Is that free beer at the end worth it?

I can't answer for everyone who signs up, I can only answer for myself. I feel good about myself and my abilities. I don't have any grandeur thoughts of coming in first, or second, or even third - as long as I finish, that's all that matters. I'm signing up to challenge myself. I look at the obstacles in the race, and while I am intimidated by some of them, I'm also very, very excited about the whole ordeal.

I'm excited to go run in the mud with other fitness enthusiasts and be part of something bigger than myself.

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