Thursday, March 22, 2012

How is my progress?

I started Crossfit in September 2011 - and it is now March 2012. What kind of an impact has this had on my body?

On the scale, I have only lost a little bit of weight - I started Crossfit at 206 lbs and I am now 194. I feel better, and I'm being told I look better.

How do you really know? In my case, I took photos.

The photos I am going to share with you are done so with an immense amount of courage. I am extremely sensitive about my physical appearance, but I feel the need to be very public with my struggle so that I am held accountable.

I have not edited these photos except to crop them and set them side by side. Not even a color adjustment has been done.

On the left, you will see how my body looked in September 2011, and on the left, is March 2012. This is twelve pounds and six months of hard work.

I feel like my breasts have gotten smaller and at the same time sit higher, my neckline looks a little different, and again I can see some change in the way my stomach is looking.

The largest change I notice here is how much space there now is between the sides of my stomach and my arms.

I feel you can see the greatest change in the side view. I can better SEE the actual size difference in my stomach, and I can notice the difference between where my arm rests and my back.

These are not the drastic before and after photos I would like to show you. I started at a very high weight, and I still have a lont, long way to go.

Hopefully in another six months we'll see a very large change!

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