Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strong is the new sexy.

Today, I went to Crossfit for a workout. I knew today would be a good day - because it contained my favorite exercise - the deadlift.

Today's WOD called for 10-1 reps of deadlifts and push ups. I can deadlift a lot. For some reason, I feel very, very strong in my ability to lift heavy.

The WOD also called for those deadlifts to be at your body weight - and mine is a pretty hefty 195.8 this morning (I weighed in at the gym before I racked up). My previous max was 175 lbs.

I had also injured myself a few weeks ago falling off a box, and I was not sure if my arm could actually support that kind of weight, but I decided I would rack the weight up and try it.

I deadlifted 195 lbs, twice. I could feel a bit more strain than I was comfortable with in my arm, and decided to drop weight to 95 lbs to complete the rest of the WOD - which I then completed in 8:11 and in second place.

I lifted my body weight. Twice. I was elated, I didn't think I would be able to do it so soon.

After the WOD, although tired, I decided... I lifted my body weight of 195 lbs - my personal deadlift goal was 200 lbs. What's 5 more pounds?

I rested for a moment, let my trainers know I was going to attempt it, and racked up the weight.

I lifted 200 lbs. I lifted more than I weigh. I reached a new goal, and I set myself a new max.

Oh, and it was recorded, so enjoy!

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