Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I haven't got the time...

Have you ever said that?

I have. I say it a lot. I look at my schedule and I am often wondering how I get everything in my life done.

I work Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.
On Tuesday nights I teach a puppy obedience class at my local dog club from 6 PM to 7 PM, and then train my own dog from 7 PM to 8 PM.
The first and second Thursday of each month are spent at my dog club at meetings, as well.
I volunteer at various community events - while trying to manage a healthy social life, video games, writing, reading, movies and crafting...

Oh, and my dogs. My three dogs who practically consume my entire being.

It's very easy for me to make the excuse that I don't have time.

And every day, I drag myself out of bed at 5 AM, pull on some clothes and throw in a sloppy pony-tail. I grab the breakfast and lunch I made the night before, I grab the gym bag I put together the night before. I feed my dogs and let them out. I feed my cat and clean the box.

Then, I get in my car and I make it to Crossfit by 6 AM. The WOD (Workout of the Day) ends by 7 AM, giving me enough time to shower, get dressed, and be at work by 8 AM.

Sometimes, I'm exhausted, and I sleep in. Sometimes, I forget to change my alarm clock, and I oversleep.. and sometimes, I make up for it by attending a class at 6 PM.

I make time, because this matters to me. It's important to get up and go. It's not a 'when I have time' kind of thing, because then I'd never have time. It's too easy to find an excuse.

What's your excuse?

Do you find yourself relaxing in the evening with 30 minutes to an hour of TV? Why not spend that 30 minutes to an hour walking instead? Walking burns almost as many calories as jogging!

What about eating healthy?

Do you have time to pack your lunch the night before? What about cooking in bulk on the weekends?

I'm not perfect. I often slip up, get lazy, or sometimes just plain forget. Sometimes I get worn down and need extra rest, and sometimes I hurt myself and have to take things a little slower.

What's important though, is that I don't wait to see if I have time left over. I make time.

No excuses. Move.

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