Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How my feet affect my life...

Or possibly, the story of trying to get new shoes.

I have been running in Nike Frees for over a year. I like them, but they're worn out. They cause pain in the arches. All I can guess, is that because I am so flat-footed - any arch support hurts.

It hurts enough that at Crossfit, I will always take off my shoes for the indoor workouts. For lifting weights, I hear varying responses about whether this is a good idea. For me, however, it comes down to the fact that I feel stronger when I can let my feet spread out naturally. Yes, there's always the possibility of dropping something on my foot - but trust me, my Nike Frees weren't going to save me any pain!

This method works fine indoors - but it isn't so great outdoors. In the grass, yes, I can run barefoot easy - but not on pavement. On pavement I get blisters, my feet are in danger of glass and other various things out there, and running in grass puts me in danger of dog poop.

I tried some new shoes the other day. I went into Fit Niche for a fitting, and walked out with their reccomneded shoe after feeling defeated that none of the minimalist shoes will fit me. I walked out with a pair of Saucony Women's Ride 4.

Then, I took them for a test run to Lake Hollingsworth - a nearly 3 mile loop. Within the first 15 minutes of running, however, my feet hurt so bad in the shoes that I ditched them and ran barefoot instead. It was not a simple matter of them not being broken in - it was the arch support in them pushing so hard against my feet combined with their rigid structure not allowing me to land in my preferred method on the balls of my feet.

Annoyed, I took them back to Fit Niche last night. I expressed my frustration, and that those shoes were simply not going to work. We tried some of the New Balance Minmus shoes, but they don't come in wide, and I have unfortunately, very wide feet. I tried the Vibram FiveFingers as well, but my last three toes are too short to make it into the toe pocket! This would leave extra shoe hanging off, likely causing me to trip at some point.

Eventually, the helpful employee brought me a pair of Brooks, which were ironically enough, exactly what my trainer wears and suggested I try.

I did take them for a test run around Lakeside Village, and they seemed alright. We did the exchange, and I took them to Crossfit this morning.

The run was a bit uncomfortable, as new shoes tend to be, but it wasn't extremely painful like my first attempt. It will obviously take some time to break in the new shoes, but I think these will be pretty satisfactory running shoes.

I am still going to take my shoes off for the weights though, because I am still happier barefoot.

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