Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going the Distance

I mentioned in the previous post that I was concerned about my health and had some tests run at my doctor's office. Those results have come in and it seems I have two issues to contend with:

1. I am anemic. I suspected this - I would frequently attempt to donate blood only to be turned away due to low iron, at times my iron would be so low it wouldn't register on the machine. Being anemic is likely the cause of my extreme fatigue at times - for some reason, despite eating plenty of red meats and drinking plenty of red wines, and taking an iron supplment, I just don't seem to absorb it. I have been given a perscription for some iron supplements to take twice a day now. It has some side effects to contend with - mostly in making it difficult to keep food down, but hopefully I will adjust to it soon.

2. I have hypothyroidism. The symptoms listed - depression, fatigue, dry skin, brittle hair and nails and weight gain all fit my perfectly. I was put on a perscription for this as well. I'm due for an ultrasound to find out why it isn't working, but it seems I may be taking this medication for the rest of my life. From the reading I've done on it, the thyroid has a major impact on your metabolism - and if mine isn't working correctly, it may be the reason I'm working so hard and not seeing any results. I am hopeful I can now see the 1-2 lb a week drop I've been working so hard towards!

Although it's clear that some of the things I was fighting were not going to be fixed through diet and exercise (I have been assured by the doctor that nothing I do with my diet will affect my thyroid if it doesn't work), it also isn't a magic wand that is suddenly going to fix me. I will continue to exercise as often as I can, and keep up with eating right - I may well finally see the results I'm looking for. Bear in mind this is not a weight loss pill in any shape or form, and I will be tested again every 6-8 weeks to ensure the dosage is correct and I do not lose weight too quickly.

The constant fatigue may have been caused by the anemia - and I am really hoping this can be corrected, as the fatigue was affecting all areas of my life - work, home, my volunteering, my exercise... It was a constant struggle to find energy that just wasn't there.

I can't say I've seen a difference yet, as I have just recently started the medication. Hopefully, soon, though.

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